XF 1.1 WPMU and Multiple Forums. Halp!


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Greetings! Non-techy hoping to draw from the knowledge of the XenGods.

We are creating a brand new network using WordPress Multisite. Multiple WP portals will be managed from a single directory on our server. We want to use separate forums for each portal (potentially buying a lot of licenses). E.g.:


Here's the problem. All of the portals are located in a single directory. There is no directory for site1.multisite.com, so I cannot install an XF instance at site1.multisite.com/forum.

How the heck can we accomplish the proposed layout above? My technologist mentioned something about domain mapping, but whenever anyone starts speaking technically, my brain checks out. Would really appreciate insight about the best way to do this, keeping in mind that we have a development team and that we eventually hope to share a userdatabase between all portals and forums.


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We still have the issue with having only a baseline directory. Where do we install the other forums if site1.multisite.com doesn't exist in order to make the forum install appear at site1.multisite.com/forum?

Very helpful for the SSO, though. Tyvm! Helpful as always. :)