Wow, just wow


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Hi there,

Read about it on vB forums, came to check and I have just one word - wow. It looks amazing. Style, navigation, creative feautures..., things that we were looking up to for vB4, and didn't get it, so stayed on vB3.x

I see some ex devs from Vb here. What s going on? Where can I get more info about this application? Is it coming out? When? What about CMS?

I know, I know, for sure there s some info in forums, I m gonna check it, but was so enthusiastic when saw this forums, that had to post, without searching first - old habbits.

Bookmarked this page, looking forward to see, what u guys are up to :)


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There's been a fair few threads like this one.

The software is due for release by the 'end of summer', it'll be forum only to start with, there's the option of adding basic pages - Example Page - but it's not a real CMS, which will hopefully come later.

You'll find the answers to most questions by just looking around the forums, in particular check out the 'Have you seen' forum for extra WOW factor! :)


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Thanks for replies. I understand development needs time, but hopefully this would be near-future, as we cant have empty first page (referring to CMS), and thus we can't just switch over night.

I also saw galleries and blogs won't be out there with first version. Although I completely understand that, I wonder what u guys, who will switch, will do with albums and blogs of users. For our site, we can't simply dissmised it.

That being said, we are with vB fifth year now, and would switch as it looks amazing, but I guess, we ll just have to hang on, and see if it can deliver, what vB failed last year(s), starting with communication, roadmap, CMS and so on.