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...We had a device where we scan drawings(preferably colored, also off of DeviantArt), then they get sent to a satellite which will bounce it back to a satellite dish, then the drawing will be processed there, and a computer finds out the base components of the drawing and it is then processed into another computer which will generate the drawing into a 3D model where then a computer generates atoms and a specialized 3D printer and the 3D model is put together, into real life, atom by atom with a square laser that scans up so that when you have to fill in the inside, the laser will put on the structure atom layer by atom layer by atom layer so hat you dont have to cut the structure just to fill in the inside and the laser is containing the atoms and arranging then the EXACT way the computer shows it. It would be fast, but precise. If its an animal drawing, the computer will find out every body part component, including the insides, and what its atoms are, so that when the 3D printer fully prints it, the animal WILL BE LIVING IN REAL LIFE!!!
...What about anthros?
Wouldn't it be cool if we had this?


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Some programs more or less has this. In high school, I took a picture of myself and put it on a scanner. Then we processed it to a program and the program "traced" the lines (including color lines), to make a [artsy] picture. With new technology, this technology can be possible in the future. Since after all, someone invented 3D printers.