Would xenForo Work For Me?


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Absolutely love where xenForo is going with their forums but the flaw with it is that it doesn't have many mods yet which is okay but not for my complex project.

Now I understand a lot of these won't be available for any forum, but are the bulk of these available or available as mods somewhere for xenForo?

- Ability to customize these forums - Skill Level: High - PHP Knowledge Required - Lacking experience in one of these forums is okay but let us know where you have experience - Knowledge in customizing forum code - Ability to research to find mods, plugins, and research code - Implementing skins - Embed forums into website template - Embed logo into website template - Add Custom Avatar Thread Logos - Add Custom Skins - Integrate Classified Mod - Integrate Verification System (Third Party) - Integrate Ecommerce System (Third Party) - Integrate Escrow System (Third Party) - Paid Member Add Ons - Custom New Post Options - Modify Custom Search Menu - Modify Forum Layouts Per Forum - Add Ability to Lock Listings After Specific Date - Rearrange Forum Order (ASC/DEC) - Integrate Custom API - Add Feedback System



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I really should have not copied and paste my guru.com post here. I'll rewrite what I need below here.

As for the wordpress, I need to make this simple. Adding wordpress would make things more confusing for others and would rather just go with third party professional app softwares and make a left hand panel where they can access these. It really depends on the actual feature though. For example:

Integrate Classified Mod
A guy is working on this, expected to release this in October. This is required.

Integrate Verification System (Third Party)
I'm not sure this is available, but a third party software could be implemented that works outside the forums. Only issue is then we have to manually approve them so they can be upgraded on the forum. The goal of this is a paid verification system that upgrades their status to do different things on the forum. This isn't required though. This isn't required.

Integrate Ecommerce System (Third Party)
With the classified mod, I want a system where someone can purchase a product on the forum without having to talk to the seller (other member). This is required.

Integrate Escrow System (Third Party)
This could also work outside the forum, but we want an escrow system to work with the ecommerce system. What we could do is use a third party program to allow us to offer escrow services but we need the ability for someone to easily checkout and go to this third party app.

Display Payment Methods
Ability for the customer to choose what payment methods he accepts. I'm sure there is an app out there for this which he can configure in the backend. If not, I'm sure an app could easily be made.

Custom New Post Options
Before someone creates a new thread, they need to fill out a pre form that goes into the subject rather than them creating their own subject.

Modify Custom Search Menu
I think we can do this on our end but basically modifying the search menu completely.

Modify Forum Layouts Per Forum
This shouldn't be that difficult. Ability to change a forum as well as rearrange the forum order based on what level status they have on the site and then by post date.

Add Ability to Lock Listings After Specific Date
Like Craigslist, after say 14 days the thread locks up automatically unless they "relist" or "update" the thread.

Add Feedback System
Like iTrader Feedback

So now that I explained it a bit better, can it be done?


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I will also add in here that it doesn't HAVE to be built in. An escrow system has to run through some third party app, ecommerce payments through a third party merchant that say when someone clicks on the payment choice, it goes to another software that it embedded into our website template, and the same for the verification system.

Anymore feedback would be appreciated.