Would Xenforo support features I need?

I could not ask in the customization forum since it has a purchase prerequisite but I am trying to get these features:

1. A custom field that can allow a person to use a 'display' name on different posts for roleplay and entertainment purposes.

2. The ability to put subforum content such as the posts created in a subforum in the parent forum, or a way I could place a tag link to create a similar effects.

3. Hierarchical style topics similar to the sites Reddit and Slashdot.

Thank you.


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None of those are possible out of the box.
There may be add-ons available but I'm not aware of any.


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1. There are some add-ons that will let users have alternate or sub accounts:

Note that he says this also works with a Post As User add-on, which would let users quickly switch to their sub-accounts.

2. Another add-on to handle this:

Note that I'm not associated with @Jon W or Waindigo, I was evaluating those for my own forum. Never ended up using them so I can't really speak to their functionality.