Would like to sort Albums by users

I just wanted to create a new thread but found this one. Coming from PhotoPost Pro, my users and me are highly used to sort albums by users. So this would a huge loss if not available for xfmg.

In fact this add-on provides alphabetical filtering for albums in xfmg already:

So, if there would be the possibily to sort the albums by user, that would be a perfect combination.

@Chris D
Would you provide that function? Would it be possible, without exorbitant coding, by an add-on develober to hook in and add "Sort by User"? And keep it version proof in 1.x?
Does anybody know an add-on, which may does it already?


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It's not something that would be added to XFMG 1.x. Suggestions like this one will be considered over time but this isn't currently planned for XFMG 2.0 either at the moment.
Thanks! Would you expect an add-on developer could hook in easily in your code? It "feels" like just one more query and meno point.
Haven't given it a lot of thought, but I wouldn't expect it to be too difficult. Certainly not impossible, at least :)
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