Duplicate Wordpress - Xenforo bridge

I would like to suggest to add official bridge beetwen Wordpress and Xenforo. There are some addons on the market right now but they are not that good, support is not always there and from my experience i had lot of issues and i am still not able to use it as i wanted.

My minimal requirements are

1. Posts created in Wordpres must be copied as new threads in Xenforo
2. Comments made via Wordpress are copied into proper Xenforo thread
3. Comments made via Xenforo are copied into proper Wordpress post comment

Perfect situation:

1. Any update on post on XF or WP is synced in both ways
2. Any update on comment on XF or WP is synced in both ways
3. User actions are synced between XF and WP.
4. User managment is synced between XF and WP.

I saw that a lot of people are looking/waiting for this so maybe you could try to add this in next version