WordPress to XenForo integration

I'm currently using VanillaForums as my forum option, but I've come to the conclusion that VF is far too limiting. However, VF offers a great add-on called VanillaComments which is a game changer, IMO.

Eseentially, VanillaComments replaced your comment system on WordPress and when someone leaves a comment, it creates a thread on your forum with the article content as the OP and then the first comment as the first reply.

Is this possible with XenForo? Is there some type of integration or add-on available that does something similar?

So, what I need to be done is plausible then with an already created add-on? Do you happen to have the name of some of these add-ons or links to them? I'd appreciate any help pointing me in the right direction.

Thanks Jeremy!


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I'm not sure how any of them work, I do not use them. You'll need to read the descriptions to determine how they function.