Add-on Wordpress bridge/plugin for multiple blogs on multiple URLs


I have multiple wordpress blogs and would like to bridge them all to one Xenforo forum. Is this possible?

I'd like as many of these features as possible:
A Wordpress plugin that, when installed and configured,
  • Turns all existing WP members into forum members, and handles all future account creation through XF (already possible on one URL, but not across multiple blogs on different domains, as far as I'm aware)
  • When installed, creates a category for each blog, a sub-category for every category of posts within each blog, and a new thread whenever a post is added to WP.
  • Comments on posts are handled by XF, but are displayed below the blog post (similar to Disqus handling comments).
Does any of this already exist, and if not, could it be done?


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The XenScripts bridge handles multiple WordPress blogs and bridges them to one XenForo installation.

  • This bridge does not handle turning existing WP members into forum members. There is a plugin available but I have not used it.
  • Forums for each category can manually be created in XF then mapped within the WP-XF bridge settings option page.
  • XF replies can be shown as comments on the original blog post through a setting in the WP admin panel.

Now, there are issues with this plugin. You'll have to figure out how to modify your theme, the installation is best when WP is in the root and XF is in the community. You'll want to set cookies to .domainname so that all subdomains have access to the login ....

Support is an issue. Do NOT expect hand-holding. While there are members of this community available, the author prefers email then follow up through Skype. He's good but he's not always available so you'll have to decide on your level of expectations.

Hope this helps.


Thanks, that looks good - I'm a little confused by the "Relative path to XenForo" option though. If the wordpress installation is on the same server but at a different domain, can I just put the server path to XF in there? What if I want to use it on multiple urls hosted completely separately?


Thanks. I somehow didn't know I could do that. Looks like I should spend more time reading Wordpress documentation :)
Still more questions, though:
My forum's on a domain all of its own, with no WP installation. Would I need to install wordpress somewhere on that domain (even if i don't use it) so I can add that domain to the network and then bridge with XF?
Also, would issues with cookies prevent the creation of some sort of WP plugin that could be distributed to anyone that wanted to hook their blogs into my forum for comments? (I'm thinking of low-traffic blogs in the same niche that'd value the extra comments more than they'd value keeping control of them.) Or is there any way around that?
Thanks again, by the way, your suggestions have already solved 90% of the problems I've run into (y)

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On a side note, we're in the process of developing a Wordpress <--> Xenforo plugin that meets our needs and will work with Memberpress (subscription plugin for WP @ So far it is working well, it allows two-way login and logout, with registration handled at WP (via MemberPress). We wanted to migrate away from aMember which had become too problematic for us. If all works well and the code is nicely packable, we'll look into releasing it as an add-on for those needing a more robust WP/XF connection.

Many thanks!