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Is there a plugin that will allow me to use a WordPress page as my home page with links to our Xenforo forum? It appears that xF-Wordpress Bridge may be the answer but wanted to ask if there are any better implementations. Thanks in advance!


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There are several bridge options in the resources section of this website.


Each bridge has advantages and disadvantages. You'll want to spend time looking over features of each one. I've always wanted to make a comparative checklist but thought that might be taken the wrong way. Here is the most simplistic view: xfrocks is a professional programmer and his bridge is designed to work across servers. The bridge you mention is for users and AFAIK does not link forum posts. Mine is a hobby and used on my WP network. Other people have been very supportive of expanding the features. Kotomi's work is an excellent starting point for developers. With that simplistic view - you can expand from there.

Best of luck on building your site.