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[WMTech] Hide IP Essentials - Extend XenForo's IP Management System. Features 'Hide IP' & 'Do Never Store IP' Permissions

Description / Features:
This add-on provides an useful extension to the default XenForo "Can See Ip Address" permission and makes it possible to assign permissions to user groups or even individual users to hide their ip information even to users with such permissions.

You can also assign a "Do Not Store Any IP Information" permission, which prevents any ip addresses to be stored in XenForo's ip and session tables for such users, making it impossible to check their ip in any content...

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v1.0.1: XenForo 1.5 Compatibility & Minor Code Optimizations

> Version 1.0.1 <
XenForo 1.5 Compatibility & Minor Code Optimizations

This upgrade is recommended for all customers running XenForo 1.5.


NEW: XF 1.5 Compatibility

Upgrade Instructions:
[wmtech] Hide Ip Essentials - Manual, Instructions & Installation / Upgrade Guide

We strongly recommend to use the "File Health...

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Add this on IP users delete information stored on the server?

I don't understand your question, but this add-on can be set up (permission based) to not store IP information for certain users at the server's database.

It does however not delete any ip information already stored in the database before this add-on got installed.
Hi, I currently cannot find an alternative add-on with similar functionality for XF2, do you have any idea of when you'd be making that decision?

Thanks in advance
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