XF 1.5 Wishing to create a support suite for my forum

Shawn Gossman

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I am looking to create a support center for my Skywarn Forum. Basically, I want to use the Page Node feature for creating the actual pages. It will replace the default forum help page feature. The Help Center will be more detailed with images, videos and text-content to explain various forum controls, features we have added and so on. I feel like the help system can increase activity if it goes the way I think it will.

So I have a few ideas to make the help system better and am looking for idea feedback from you all on how to go about doing it...
  • I want to add a search function where only page nodes within a main page parent can be searched
  • I want to add a small survey to the end of each page asking the member if the page was helpful or not, I'd like the results to display in the Admin Control Panel somewhere if that would be possible? If not, what would be a good alternative for that?
That is pretty much the only obstacles I am running into at the moment. I can pretty much do everything else I want done on my own.


XenForo developer
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Your first point might be doable with some manually created forms, though I'm not 100% sure. You may need to do some testing. If not, it's likely to require custom development.

The second is definitely going to require custom development.

Shawn Gossman

Active member
For the survey option, I wonder if I can use the poll feature in some way? Maybe store them in a hidden node and somehow call them on to the page...possible?

For the search, that stumps me :-\