Browser issue Windows 10 Edge unable to drag drop photo uploads

Testing out Edge on my site and discovered that I can't drag and drop photo's in to posts.
Drag and drop doesn't work on this site either.


Clicking Upload a File works BUT the find the file window times out or takes forever to load "Working on it" when selecting a directory to upload the image from.

It's on any file format not just .jpg

Is there a setting in Edge or Admin that can be changed to make it work. My helpdesk is starting to load up with this Edge problem...

Chris D

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These issues probably require a little bit more investigation.

It's not guaranteed that we can actually do anything; there's actually still a fair few bugs in Edge itself despite being officially released with Windows 10 a few weeks ago).

In the meantime the workaround would be to use Internet Explorer or another browser.

Chris D

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We've looked at this now in more detail and unfortunately this is very much a browser issue which we have no control over.

Ultimately Edge is one of Microsoft's new "modern" app types and I think fundamentally they do not interact with the more traditional "desktop" apps. As an example, if you tried to drag a file into Calculator (which is also now a modern app) you will see it does the same thing.

I think it's down to some sort of sandboxing that goes on - ultimately the modern apps are more secure and they can only be that way if the interaction to those apps is limited, and I think that's what's happening here.

It's very much the OS that's controlling this and there's nothing we can do in the code to handle it.

There is a slight work around which is that you can paste images into the editor directly. A common use case for this is using something like Snipping Tool which you've used to screenshot part of a page. There's a copy to clipboard button. If the clipboard contains image data, the editor can pick that up and upload it as a file if you paste it into the editor. It's quite handy and often more convenient than messing with files. This still works so, realistically, it's the best workaround we'll have unless Microsoft changes something (might be worth sending them feedback on the issue).


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Not sure if it is related, but Edge doesn't support in-browser drag & drop: mousedown over a link and drag to the address bar and let go, nothing happens.

Chris D

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By the way, I think this is the official bug report for this very issue with Microsoft:
[MS Edge] drop files from explorer to browser does not work as expected | Microsoft Connect

If you have a Microsoft Account it may be worth logging in and clicking "I can too" next to the repro count.

I have now seen confirmation that no drag and drop from Explorer into Edge is working. It's likely as designed, but I do hope they can figure out some sort of workaround.