XF 1.4 WinCache Configuration

Hi guys;

I have setup Wincache as per this thread https://xenforo.com/community/threads/wincache-support.6494/ as I assumed it should be (there wasn't anything else regarding WinCache that I could see)

There's no immediate difference to my sites speed - would I need to 'Rebuild Caches' in the backend?

EDIT: Still don't particularly see an improvement. Is there a better system for windows 2008r2, or have I missed somthing?
What would be good is having the templates cached on say a 5 - 10 minute refresh.
EDIT2: A page load time of 1.113 seconds seems a bit extreme...
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Using WinCache in that way is unlikely to do too much to your load if it's already high.

It took over 5 seconds to load the basic cookie usage page, which is probably the simplest page in XF. The time is actually pretty consistently 5.16 +/- 0.02 seconds, which seems to imply there's something cause a delay consistently. (CSS seems to load in about 1.1 seconds.) This could imply network or DNS issues for example (network issues for internal communication with MySQL; DNS issues related to your server attempting to do a reverse DNS lookup). If the load on the server doesn't seem to be excessive, that's where I'd start.