Will it be possible.. 2 questions



Hi there. Just wanted to ask...

  • do u also planed to start with a CMS System and if, what will be the price, if i already bought the License for the board itself? Sry if that is somewhere already answered. Been a long time offline ;)
  • Is it possible to turn off the RSS Feed(s) for some forums only?


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There won't be a CMS for the beta and pricing has only been confirmed for the forum software at this point in time.

As far as I am aware, there is no ACP option to disable RSS either at board level or per forum.
You would need to do some template/code edits to do this.


Also recommend you look into the Pages feature if you've not already, which allows HTML to be posted within a templated and permission-controlled page. It's not a CMS but it helps.


Well sounds all good but i think i will wait a bit, before buying xenforo. i´m also interest what communities will come up for different languages.
I think i will pop in once the Community, Software, Addons etc. strengthened in all areas.