Will I be able to migrate from MyBB


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I need an expert advice before I buy Xenforo. Please visit http://ssc2pg.com . I have currently installed MyBB forum and integrated it with WordPress that my website has been developed in. The integration was done through Zingiri. Can I migrate to Xenforo without any data loss and users' registration. I want to migrate to Xenforo but holding the decision as I am not able to find a concrete advice on if the migration would be possible or not and who can do it or how can we do it.


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This is the same problem as mine. I am wanting to switch to Xenforo but I don't want to loose anything from my current site.


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Yes, their are a lot of ways.
mybb > phpbb > xenforo
mybb > vbulletin > xenforo
mybb > ipb > xenforo

Contact me if you want.