XF 1.5 Widow/orphaned replies

is there a way to prevent the last page in a thread from having just a couple replies?

You could always close the thread before the last page :)

EDIT: sorry for the facetious reply there, but i really don't understand. In what way are replies on the last page orphaned or widow?
I have one ad placed at the last reply in a thread, and one place after the second reply.

With 20 posts on a page max, there's a five % chance the ads will be on top of each other, which doesn't look good, and advertisers don't like it.
Seems like this is something you'd need to resolve by adjusting your ad conditions to prevent one of them from displaying (such as if it's the last post displayed or the reply count "mod" the per page is a value that would trigger this). Presumably the same thing would happen with very few replies as well.
@Mike you are right. I just remembered the ad manager I'm using has the option to only display an ad with x number of replies or more.

That'll do it. Thanks to both of you for replying.
Somewhere there is an addon that will post an ad as an message (it is posted by a fake user you can define as "sponsored ad" or whatever)

I can't find it now but it might solve your issue.
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