XF 1.5 Widget Page as home page (Populate with new posts)


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The option to have a Widget Page as home page is a great feature of XF.

On my start page, I would like to include new posts. While there are some widgets doing that, they are lacking a lot of functionality compared to what i get on my /find-new/posts page.

I've asked before in another thread if it was possible to just make /find-new/posts my start page. I could do that by making an Index Page Route. It worked but a redirect occured to a URL similar to /find-new/131712/posts causing me to not have a proper site root page e.g. http://mysite.com/ It turned out then that there was no way to do it without the redirect.

Now when we can make Widget Pages, maybe there is a way for me to include the content that I normally find at /find-new/posts without a page redirect? That would be really nice.

Just to include a template by using <xen:include template="find_new_posts" /> will not work, I need a controller also, I guess... Before I dig any deeper into that, maybe you more experienced guys like to point me in the right direction? Would it be possible at all?

Thanks a million times. :)