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A user has attempted to upload several pictures to my site several have failed, its like xf isn't recognising them as pictures, no thumbnail will display so can't insert the images. Weird.

Maximum file size is only 2mb so can't upload here unfortunately.

Here's the thread http://www.the-sps.org/threads/problem-displaying-attachments.23123

Edit: initially I thought the problem was the file name but this apparently isn't the cause. I allow pictures up to 10mb so strange. The server logs show 2 errors today that would appear to be linked to this but it says in those user account unknown..

Running latest beta.
There's something wrong with the file encoding/details.

I just downloaded them and resaved them as .jpg and they worked fine.
Good to know and thank you! X

In this post there are spaces in the filenames - could that be it?

In this post the file extension is the full jpeg (four letters) - is that in your list of allowed file extensions?

I had noticed both yeah all allowed, just don't know how he ended up with the file extensions the way he did. JPEG is allowed too x
The user is adamant he's got these same pictures working on another forum and Facebook, just tried a smaller one here. Definitely not working.


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I don't know. GD is a large program and Imagick is completely separate. It's quite possible that image just employs some rare type of JPEG encoding that GD doesn't handle correctly.
These came from my Android infuse , they successfully uploaded to Facebook but I also tried them on my vb and xenforo and had the same problem that a thumb can't be created. and it fails to display inline but works when you go directly to it with the browser.
It seems to be unique to my phones camera app pictures but another odd thing pictures taken with google goggles work and even some older I tried several resolution settings the Vb error said failed to re-size or wrong gd version specified .


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