Why women prefer tall guys?


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It is commonly known that ladies fall quicker for taller guys. Why is that? Your take on it?

I am no shorty myself [6'1], so no pity here please.


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It is commonly known that ladies fall quicker for taller guys. Why is that?

I am no shorty myself [6'1], so no pity here please.
I think by our animal nature, taller means "stronger" and better suited to protect..unless of course you're 6'2" and 145 pounds :p


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So they can wear high heels and not tower over their man like giants. Men are supposed to be taller...and pull out our chairs, and open doors for us, and buy us beautiful diamond Tiffany jewelry ...(oops, got carried away there)..it's just one of these things that is supposed to be. :)


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Not all ladies fall for tall men. My second hubby was only 2" taller than I.
Height doesn't really matter much to me. Just as my BBW "status" shouldn't matter.


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These days the best protection tools for women are a gun, powerful quadriceps and mastering kegel excercises. ;)

High heels?..... Are we just a backdrop wardrobe item? :D

My take on it is that a taller guy is a social status symbol for ladies.


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Not just women; people in general think tall somehow means better. In reality this is wrong of course, but it's a scientifically proven fact we (well most) tend to think this way. Not sure why this is, but I bet there is some kind of logical and scientifical explanation for it.


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I quite like tall men. Hubby is 6.2 or .3 or something, I am quite a shorty 5.4 - before I married I dated guys who were not so tall.

But I do believe it is purely a pre-programmed response, we chose mates who carry the best genes we can find, which is why we like good looking, healthy and tall (because most women are short, and short man + short woman = short, potentially very short children).

Having said that, I am not going to have any more kids, so I guess if I was single none of that reproductive stuff would apply.. wonder if one's tastes change.. hmmm interesting thought to ponder.


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To be honest...good looking, tall, healthy...none of it matters until you grow a chocolate penis that ejaculates money, us women will never be happy. :p

Golly.. not quite how I would have put it .. but for some women it goes like this...

Rich > Tall and Good looking

Filthy Rich > Tall, Good looking, and Healthy

Their justification being they will need all that extra money to spend on plastic surgery and therapy for the kids :p


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My chosen is tall and I really like it because I'm an extremely powerful woman used to handling a lot of authority - the fact that he's tall means I get strong primitive body signals that HERE is a place where I don't have to take charge if I don't want to. He likes me being big and solid and dominant too because he can't stand weaklings.
In the past smaller men tended to yank me around without delicacy, seeing me as big and magnificent. This one has a touch like a butterfly's wing - that got me 20 years ago and I never looked sideways since.

I also feel safer around big men because they don't need to prove themselves. So a lot less of that boring (sometimes dangerous) macho yuck. I've heard a male variation on this - the guy to watch is the little one, the big one is less likely to lose his cool.