Why saying 'thank you' to our coders and designers goes a long ways

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It has taken me 9 months of research to decide on Xenforo as my forum platform. Had someone told me what's under the hood of this engine I would never have embarked on creating my forum. :p But it's too late now to back out, I'm in knee-deep. In addition to never having operated a forum before, lack of technical abilities on my part threw me for a complete loop these past few days with a crashing forum. I didn't even know how to place an add-on.

My forum is now 3 weeks old, it gets thousands of hits per day already. :D I am grateful to have made the decision to get on the Xenforo platform, so much so that I am writing a full length article detailing my last 9 months journey so others don't have to struggle quite as much. I will place the article in the Warrior forum where my search began and also on my own blorum. If I can place it here I will do so also.

Having said that, a few amazing people, such as Borbole and Andrej, saw me struggle through my many countless posts here and I just want to extend my special thanks to them for having stepped forward, out of their own, to grab my arms and pull me out of this seeming mess I had gotten myself into. I want to share a brief snippet of one of the Skype conversations I had with Borbole, who graciously gave his approval for reposting this part. ;)

CHA~ZAY: so amazing, the slider can wait, this was super important, thank you!!!
BORBOLE: You are very welcome. Glad to have been of help :)
CHA~ZAY: more than that, thank you very much! If there is anything I can help you with, pls ask. Really appreciate your help!!!!
BORBOLE: I meant it when I said that I was glad to help. You know, you are always very polite and always say Thank you to everyone that helps you
CHA~ZAY: very kind and sweet of you :) wish more people were like that; oh, you noticed that??
BORBOLE: Yes, I did notice it
BORBOLE: Most users just don't know the word thank you anymore
CHA~ZAY: I agree
BORBOLE: What I wanted to say, when someone is nice and polite I am nice and polite 10 times back
CHA~ZAY: it's a means of energy exchange. always taking and expecting and never giving in exchange makes the energy stagnant
BORBOLE: Exactly, you hit the nail on the head

Why am I sharing this with the public at large? For two reasons. One, because I am baffled at how many add-ons here are free and how people moan about having to pay $5 or $10 for an add-on, something that will make their forum better and more attractive to viewers. In my world where I come from anything "I get I pay for". It's a simple gesture of energy exchange, a means to express gratitude. Granted, there are a few people who charge an unfair amount of money just to install an add-on. After having learned this task myself I am equally as shocked to see some of the prices people charge just to place a simple add-on for someone who is technically challenged. They're creating their own reality and in the end they may have money but by means of taking advantage of people who don't know any better.

People like Borbole and Andrej, in my humble opinion, have my trust first and my money on top of that. It's my trust that is priceless.

And I'm also sharing this because saying 'thank you' to your coders, developers and to XF goes so much further than you will ever know. People work hard here to help each other build their dreams and a simple 'thank you' may make someone's day or week even.

I do not know Borbole or Andrej personally, we live in different countries and I don't know what happened in their lives the day before they offered their help to me, I was a complete stranger. What I can tell you is that I am deeply grateful for anyone to lift me out of this technical soup I had gotten myself into. I struggled, they saw it and they stepped in.

Borbole had seen me say 'thank you' to other members on the forum before and he noticed and remembered. Imagine if I was a bossy, ungrateful twitchy old crank, you think he would have helped me? Hardly...

Borbole and Andrej spent hours over several days in helping me, expecting absolutely nothing in return. What fueled their continuous giving? Perhaps my gratitude and acknowledgement of their time. I didn't take them for granted, on the contrary.

Thank you, Borbole and Andrej, your help meant the world! And a special thanks also to Mike who rebuilt 5 missing columns to get the forum back up! Your guys rock my world (don't get any ideas now). ;)

Oh and by the way, yes, I did make donations to both and I always give donations for free add-ons. It's the right thing to do and keeps the flow of energy going. :notworthy:



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I couldn't agree with you any more. :)

For some weird unknown reason, in the online world when most people run into a problem or a missing feature, they demand help or the extra feature. Something I have never understood, and actually seems a bit unnatural. I mean, if some stranger were in my way, I'd most probably say "Excuse me" rather than "Get out of the way!".

If coders / addon developers / designers can put in the hard work to develop something, and then also have the heart to release it for free to the community, the least we can do is thank them first. And if we need help with something, then ask about it. Politely. I'm sure they'd respond likewise and help you out most of the times. :)


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You should always say thank you - it's good manners - but it doesn't hurt to remind everyone now and then. (y)

I have to say a similar thank you to Mike, Kier, Brogan, Deebs, and the many others who have helped me on the XF community forums and made my journey from casual bystander to knee-deep XF enthusiast so much easier than it could have been.

I also want to thank all the add-on developers who've got stuck in and created some wonderful products that myself and many other forum owners are using/going to use - I'll be saying "thank you" with donations for the key items I use, and an on-thread acknowledgement for the minor ones.

A big part of the XF package is the pioneering spirit of this forum community - the willingness to get stuck in and try things - to share with others for nothing other than their own self-satisfaction of helping out - for the patience and repetition - and for the good natured and humoured approach to support and feedback. Less "corporate" more "family".

I moved my biggest forum to XF this weekend (1.6 million posts) and so far it's working out great. The few snags I hit along the way were easily and quickly resolved (thanks to everything I've mentioned above) and CycleChat.net is now an XF big-board. (y)

Keep up the good work everyone, and yes - please remember to say thank you - it really does go a looooooooonnnnngggggggggg way!!

Shaun :D


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Apart from the actual forum software itself, designers and coders are the lifeblood of any forum software - and I really think we have the cream of the crop here. There mightn't be the amount of mods available that vB has yet, but in just over a year there have been some superb addons and designs released and, whether I use them or not, I appreciate the work and effort these guys put in :D


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I always thank, it's just basic good manners.
When I agree, chuckle or plainly see where the poster is going with something, I also "Like".
About it really :)

Core Freedom

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Very well said CHA~ZAY. You are one of the nicest and most polite people that I have ever come across online. It has been a real pleasure to help you :)
So are you, dear Borbole. Nice to know I have a friend in this chaotic blorum business. You made many of my days easier. Hugs.

I'm not going to say that people I spend a long time helping who don't even bother to acknowledge the help, never mind a cursory thanks or a Like are less likely to get timely help in the future, but...
Dear Brogan, you're always the first to help me here and if it wasn't for you and your fabulous XF team, I probably would have thrown in the towels. It's easy for us XF clients to take your help for granted because we expect it to be part of the deal. When in reality it isn't at all. So a big thank you and the XF team for always helping and never having let a cry for help go unanswered (and for creating such a fabulous piece of software). ;)


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Showing gratitude goes a long way and I always thank a coder who's work I use. I also donate to those I feel that went above and beyond. Though, you always get several bad apples that will not appreciate the time and effort you put in and spoil it for others. Luckily they are the minority.


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I completely agree, I've also found, even if you are paying someone to do work everything is a lot nicer and easier when you're polite and gracious.

I hired Forsaken to do a forum skin based on another for my site and of course there were a hell of a lot more issues and problems then we (and me especially when I agreed on the price) had anticipated, due to various issues, a few out of my control to be fair, such as server side stuff, some poor addons we had installed as well as my own ineptitude and I know that it put Forsaken to a lot more trouble to help put them right and help me with longer term support with a couple of other non-style related things over the next two weeks and I know if I had had a different attitude he probably wouldn't of done it and I wouldn't have expected him to. Anyway, he made things a hell of a lot easier for me and I really appreciate that he did that.

So yeah, just my little piece agreeing with you. :)

P.S. I really recommend Forsaken and Xenique.


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I'd love to find a coder to do some mods for me so I can be polite and gracious, but no-one seems willing to take the work on :(


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Well I'll add my thanks to Kier, Mike and Andrew (is that right for KAM?)

then there's the indefatigable and lightning BROGAN and his amazing guides and manualsp;
the ever useful FLORIS with his mods
and never forgetting FUHRMANN who does some of the key work on that team;
the superb JAKE BUNCE without whose patience and creativity my forum design would never exist.

Alex try looking around to see who does the kind of work you want and ask them on PC. If they don't accept PC like Jake do it on one of their threads. Ask several and be prepared to get in a queue, these guys are BUSY.