Anyone want to write a "Thank You" to "Like" script?


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With the beta release next week, it's time for owners (like myself) to get more specific with regards to details of a migration from vB to XF. One of the more popular scripts for VB has been the "Thank You" script. I removed it for a bit and my members went nuts. Some members have accrued a significant number of Thank You's in large part due to their contributions to my sites.

If I were to punt the "Thank You's", I would have a mutiny on my hands. So, with that being said, how hard would it be to migrate Thank You's to Likes. I'm also thrilled about dropping another third party plugin, one that as of late has been somewhat problematic.

I wish I was capable of writing such a script, but don't have the chops.

Anyone else? I'm sure we could come up with donations to get this moving.


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We would need to know the database structure of both the XenForo like system and the Thank-You system. After that, it should be pretty easy. :)


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I think your members would get over it, I have hated the "thank you module" since it appeared on the forum scene.
I'm on the fence about it. People are real possessive about their "thank you's". I think I'll pull them with the tool mentioned here. Rather have too much data. I assume it's easy enough to drop'em all to zero if I wanted, no?


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To me it is a useless feature and a waste of time, I would rather have members post content than a simple click of a thank you button.

Just tell them you dropped it for better new forum features and that we are streamlining for speed, adding unneeded mod's can screw you up when you go to update down the road.