XF 2.2 Why don't I have media and resources tabs?


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I notice on here and other xenforo forums there are extra tabs at the top for media and resources. I only have Home (which doesn't do anything), Forums, Whats New and Members.

Also can I actually attach an info page or something to the home button?
Ok I have found where to buy them. I particularly want the resources one. Is it easy to install? ie will it just seamlessly install or do I need to upload to server type thing?
Ok - thanks. Are they official add ons? I would like the home page to open a kind of web page of info. Or just remove the home button
Ok so I go to Add ons. select "install/upgrade from archive" - is that right. And select the downloaded software on my pc. Do I need to unzip it first? Does all that sound right?
No, don't unzip.

That's what the 'archive' refers to.

You may even see a notice on the add-ons page telling you that the RM is available with a button to click.

I got this

Oops! We ran into some problems.
Installing from archives must be explicitly enabled by adding the following line to src/config.php: $config['enableAddOnArchiveInstaller'] = true;
Various directories must be writable by the web server user to install from an archive and this may be considered to be insecure in some hosting environments. Your server must also have ZipArchive support in PHP. "
As the message states, you need to edit the src/config.php file and add this at the bottom:

$config['enableAddOnArchiveInstaller'] = true;

Or you can just manually upload the files (and unzip) using the File Manager app in cPanel, or FTP.
I don't have cpanel - I'm on hostinger which has fpanel (or hpanel?) I think. I'd rather not upload to the server it took me a whole day to get the website up and running with help from the host! Where do I find the bit to edit in PHP? Is that also in the hosting/server?

To do the initial install I had to upload the original zip file into file manager, unzip it there and then set up the SQL Database.

So would that be the same? Upload to file manager, unzip, move the files to public_html - and anything else?
Thank you. I think I'll leave that till another day! I only bought it because I thought I could just upload direct from PC. I am really not good using the hosting site!
You can download an FTP application such as WinSCP - https://winscp.net/eng/download.php

Then you just need to get the FTP host name, user name, and password from your host and you don't need to use the hosting account apps.

It's just like using file manager on your computer, with your local files on the left and the server files on the right.
You just drag and drop the files.
One other thing. I have one new person joined after setting up my forum. Says he has joined but hasn't had an authorisation email and I have nothing showing in the moderator approval queue. I thought everything was set up ok - any ideas? I hope this isnt a server email issue!
Is there anywhere I can check on the xenforo software if I actually have email set up? So far it only has my personal email registered as administrator. I am wondering if my hosting account actually includes email.
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