XF 2.2 Why don't I have media and resources tabs?


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I notice on here and other xenforo forums there are extra tabs at the top for media and resources. I only have Home (which doesn't do anything), Forums, Whats New and Members.

Also can I actually attach an info page or something to the home button?
Just tested outgoing email and it's not working. It says email is set up with PHP. Contacting server. Is the outgoing email service part of Xenforo or is it a service I have to buy separately from the host? I am sure it was included with my hosting package.
XF just uses the server mail functionality if using the built in PHP method for sending.
You will need to contact your host about that.

Otherwise you can use the SMTP option, which requires getting the details from your mail provider (e.g. Google).
Ok I have just joined my own forum from another device and another email. I got a message saying you're waiting for approval. Got a notification to approve and could post. But not activation email. I also (as someone else) tried "contact us" and sent a message to my forum - which should go to my own main email address - but nothing received.
Aargh I need a break. Apparently my SSL certificate is failing too. It posts ok when I go on the site but if you click on a link it only comes up http. Checked with "why no padlock" and it says - ssl certificate failed.
It shows fine for me.

However, for issues such as that and the email problem, you will need to contact your host as they are server related.
Thanks. I tested with "Why no padlock and it said SSL was failing due to content. Removed an article from the website that was only http and results improved but it said server wasn't pushing SSL. Server has now sorted that. Now on with the email issue! I was hoping email would be "out of the box" with no fidding!
So mail set up with server now as admin@website address. I tried sending a "contact us" message from the website and nothing has appeared. (Where would it appear). Assume I need to change the email address in XF as well to the same as the admin one. At the moment it only has my personal email address registered (as administrator). I am getting very confused about email!
I am still having problems uploading resources manager. I tried uploading the zip file to file manager on my server and unzipping in file manager and moving the files to public_html but it didn't work and I got error messages. So could you explain how I edit the src/config.php file please so I can upload directly into XF? Thank you.Post.webp
Aha! No need. I now have the button under add-ons saying Resources Manager is ready to download - and have downloaded it in seconds. That was much easier. I wonder why it wasn't there before.
Any tips on how to uses the resources add-on? I've added my articles to it but instead of being able to post a link (like in a forum post) there is a big orange tab saying "go to download". So even when the resource is opened there is nothing much visible.

I have also seen some people have a "Tutorials" add on. Is that available to buy? It looks more visual.
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