Why does XenForo auto-complete "@File"

While composing here, if I type "@File" a little pop-up appears touting "Filetrip". If I click it, or just press <Enter>, my text is automatically completed to "@Filetrip". On another site which uses XenForo, it's "@FileViewer". What's up with that?
The auto complete does nothing more than convert to a user BB code and links to a profile.
I frequent a site that uses XenForo where I, and others, often post code. In the particular language, tokens beginning with "@" are common and significant. I have to jump through hoops to type "do x in @file<Enter>" without winding up with someone's username. It's just a pain in the ...


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Just ignore the popup and keep on typing normally whatever it is you want to type. Nothing gets changed automatically for me. It's just a list of options you could pick from if you wanted.