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Why aren't my adminCP options showing navigation or highlighting correct navigation tab?

Discussion in 'XenForo Development Discussions' started by TheBigK, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. TheBigK

    TheBigK Well-Known Member

    I was able to get my addon's adminCP options listed as expected. I created an admin navigation link to show the options under Applications-> Contact US.

    However, upon clicking on the option, the focus of the tab shifts to 'Home' instead of staying on 'Applications'. I'm not sure what's it that I'm missing?

    Also - there are no navigation links as expected.

  2. katsulynx

    katsulynx Well-Known Member

    Did you set up your route correctly?
  3. Jake B.

    Jake B. Well-Known Member

    To be a bit more specific than this, the third parameter of $router->getRouteMatch should be the same as the ID of your navigation tab that you created.
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  4. TheBigK

    TheBigK Well-Known Member

    This is something I need to explore.
  5. Liam W

    Liam W Well-Known Member

    The $majorSection parameter in the routematch should be set to 'applications' for the applications tab.

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  6. TheBigK

    TheBigK Well-Known Member

    My new code is this:
    public function match($routePathZend_Controller_Request_Http $requestXenForo_Router $router)
    $action $router->resolveActionWithStringParam($routePath$request'addContactDepartment');
    I do get the correct tab selected, but the navigation links at the top of the title terminates at 'Applications >' , instead of 'Applications > Contact Us'. What step am I missing?
  7. Jake B.

    Jake B. Well-Known Member

    Setting up the breadcrumb and page title in your admin template. Take a look at the other templates. On mobile or I'd give an example
  8. TheBigK

    TheBigK Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Jake. Adding this to my template did the job, but not sure if it's the right way -


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