Whose online-wrong


Hi, I have rc2 installed, and I notice whose online treats me as a logged in member AND a guest. It will record my visits to pages (even though I am certainly logged in) as a guest as well as a registered member. My forum is not that active (yet!) so I really can tell it's recording my actions this way.

I visit a members profile. I go to the forum. When I look at Whose Online, it shows that a "guest" with a DIFFERENT IP address looked at the member profile 3 minutes ago, and it records ME, with my username, as being on the forum home, (which is actually correct).

I know no-one else has looked at this member's profile....

Here's a screenshot (would be so nice if instead of saying "IP" on the right, if you have permissions to view IP, it would just show you the darned IP. One less click, please! (I requested this in a diff forum, with no reply like a month ago)
Picture 3.png


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It's actually a Facebook bot following you around - the IP should resolve to FB. :)