Who lives in England, Germany, Scotland, Switzerland?


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I'm just wondering who here lives in England, Germany, Scotland or Switzerland? I'm considering a move (if I can EVER get a darn visa) and just wondering a few things. Looking at the Manchester area. Not sure about Germany but do like Stuttgart. Scotland would be on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

Real estate prices are very high in all these areas, as is rent. I was surprised.

Its either going to be Scotland, England, Germany or Switzerland. Switzerland is nearly impossible to get a visa unless you have a large profitable company to bring over.

I'm looking to be close to the city but have a place for a small garden.

I have a year and one month to decide, depending on a few personal factors.


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I'm in England.... and I have to ask.. manchester???? Why on earth, of all the places in England you could choose, have you picked Manchester? :D *waits for people in Manchester to yell at me*


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Yes a flat would be great. Close to shopping, medical, theater, movies.... At least two bedrooms. Must be in an excellent area. I've been looking for a long time in Austria. Also, the Austrian government has never responded to my visa inquiries. :confused:

I'm pretty ill now so would love to move sooner but my hope is that I'll set up and leave something in Europe for my family to use so it will be a long term lease. If I settle a long term lawsuit I have at the moment, I'll move A LOT sooner. Health, money and visa ar my major obstacles at the moment.


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Derbyshire's nice - we have castles :D. Avoid London - too hectic. Cheshire is nice (I'm biased about that though). Chester is particularly lovely, but think it's getting expensive to live there now.


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Visa inquiries could be a pain in the ass, Austria is known for it - but may depents on your origin country.

I live in Lower Austria (http://www.austria.info/us/provinces-and-regions & http://www.lower-austria.info/portal/en/?tt=NOEEN_R51) in a city called Ybbs directly at the danube.
Next airports and big cities like Vienna are about 100 km away (1 hour to drive per train/car).
Shopping, hospitals, cinema etc. are in proximity. (Regular) Theater eg about half an hour.
Pending on which region/size you'd prefer there are condos with about 700 € monthly costs and about 15.000 € prepayment.
Rental apartments starts (with good sponsorships) with about € 450.


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The place is filled with heroin addicts, 11 year old prostitutes and a load of other weirdo's. It's cool to visit but a very bad place to live.


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I would also consider the the south of France. No where near Paris. Last time I visited Paris, it looked like Walmart had taken over. So Sad.