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If I remember well (but maybe I can be wrong), when I tested ver.1.x in a friend's site, when I created an album I was able to set who can post on that album. eg I was able to allow other members to post on my album.

Now as I'm starting with ver.2 I did a test again as I want to buy it, but can't find this option. Is it a feature that removed or needs some settings? In album page I can see "Can add media items: Album owner only", so I suppose that is a missing setting. Where I can find it?

Thank you

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There are two permissions which control this. "Change privacy of own album" for users and "Change privacy of any album" for moderators.


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1.- Both permissions are set to YES
2.- When posting an album can't see any option to set who can post to album.
3.- In an already created Album in options I can see only: Edit, Move, Delete
4.- Trying to edit I can edit only Title and Description
5.- The info in sidebar Can add media items: Album owner only is not clickable so no way to change it from there.

Where on earth is this option hidden? :confused:

Chris D

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Is the album inside a category? If so, then the privacy settings can't be changed.

If the album is not in a category, e.g. it is a "Personal album" then the privacy settings take effect and you can change them with those permissions I mentioned before set:



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That makes the trick :( I was waiting 2 months to start my site waiting xF2 with support to add albums in category. I got this feature, but I lost the most important. To let people add content in the albums.

I don't think that my need is extreme. I believe that is a common use. Webmaster sets some categories with some albums inside. Users will be able to post only on those albums and not create new ones. This is the perfect solution to avoid duplicates. eg in my case I want to have 3 categories: Movies, Series, Actors and add an album for each Movie, Series, Actor. Allowing members to add their own I'll end with some thousands albums mostly duplicated.

Anyway, thank you @Chris D You saved my time.

PS: I know that I can setup subcategories instead of albums but there 2 disadvantages:
1.- Subcategories is a one column listing while albums can be 4-5 per row. So 100 subcategories needs space of 3-4 pages while only 20 rows if they're albums.
2.- Category names (I think so) are not searchable while album names are.
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I like adding albums to categories (it makes it much easier to browse through albums by topic) but I too would like to see privacy setting on albums even if in a category.


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Privacy settings for albums, independently of if they are included in a category or not would be nice.
I've created plenty of custom importers for migrating to XFMG over the years, and most of the times I would find myself troubleshooting this exact issue (until either rediscovering the workaround or if lucky by remembering the reason).