Who bought the Resource Manager?

Got one :)
It feels like it's free !
Reminded friends to purchase too :)
I made the mistake of clicking [Buy new licenses].
But eventually figured it out :)
A wee tweak to the options would have made it idiot proof.
Want to. But because of a dispute I have with Paypal, they aren't allowing the transaction process. And before anyone says, "Just use your credit card", remember who's processing the credit card transaction. Its denied all the way around. I have the money. Just can't get it using Paypal. Out of luck I guess unless I can figure something else out.
I bought two at this price. I figure if one of my sites doesn't need it, then I can always switch the licenses around to suit my needs. I don't have use for it on my red dead site yet, but my game freeze site will be utilizing it after Russ does some stuff to make it compatible with his Gamer Fusion theme.
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