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Which statistics tool do you use?

Discussion in 'Forum Management' started by rhodes, May 21, 2014.

  1. rhodes

    rhodes Active Member


    I've launched my XF forum 4 weeks ago and now some of my customers asked for advertising opportunities.

    I'm no google analytics fan as google saves all data on their own servers. I use piwik instead. But I'm not sure if this was the right decision. None of my customers (book publishers) knows piwik. They rely on google data.

    My XF forum is at mydomain.de/community. I would need a statistics tool to get data for mydomain.de/community and mydomain.de (without /community) separately. Is google analytics the right choice for this? Which statistics tool do you use for your XF forum?

    Regards, rhodes
  2. tajhay

    tajhay Well-Known Member

    easy question. google analytics. i would hazard a guess that the vast majority of people on here would use it too.
  3. Deathstarr

    Deathstarr Active Member

    Google is more secure then your server, Who cares if they save your data. If you pay the right place online I can already get all your info anyways. Hundreds of sites has your info because you registered a domain name.....

    I use Google Analytic also.

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