Which one is better: Photoshop vs Illustrator?


Hello, I am new here. I'd like to ask a question:
Based on your personal experience, which software is better to refine pictures and design logos- photoshop or illustrator?

If chosen photoshop, CS6 or CS6 extended?

Totally agree about Elements, craigiri, I stopped updating Photoshop years ago due to the crippling costs and found the latest Elements does almost everything I need (though sometimes in a bit of a dumbed down interface) at a fraction of the cost.
I use Lightroom almost exclusively. Not only is the interface far easier to use than PS, it has a enough editing tools to do almost everything I need to do. Plus it help you organize your photos in a way that PS can't match.

And if you need more editing tools, go with PS Essentials. Unless you are a Pro or very serious hobbyist, PS is overkill (not to mention very expensive.)
I use Lightroom for managing and editing photos.

I use Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 2013 for all of my vector based website graphics and for manipulating photos for use in logos and such. It's cheap and incredibly powerful - I find it much easier to use than Illustrator. There is a very active support community for when you need help too. I've been using Xara in various forms for over 14 years now - still love it and use it almost daily.

Some examples of Xara:

http://rebaa.com.au/ - I recently built this site for a client, all graphics on that site are created using Xara, including the roll-over main menu navigation (I don't use the menu or website generator wizards in Xara - I hand-build my websites). The main slider images were generated using Xara, as were the slider navigation elements

http://andreadavies.com.au/ - is the site I am currently working on (live, but not publicly launched yet), again, all website graphics were created using Xara. For example, I've attached my main sprite file below, all created in Xara - layers make it easy to manage, named colours and relative colours make changing the colour-scheme site-wide a breeze, and since everything is vector-based, making changes and resizing elements is simple. The opacity-mask for the photo in the header graphic was also created using Xara.


If you want to get into some serious graphic creation, there are some pretty amazing examples in their artist gallery: http://www.xara.com/uk/gallery/
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