Which collation for Xenforo?


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Reading this and launching in two days I just overthink, what would be the best collation for the Xenforo 1.5 database:

I have a German board with Umlauten öäüßÖÄÜ and several foreign European visitors with additional accents.
I would prefer, that searching for such accents like ä would deliver search results with ae, and ß finds ss too.

What I not would like would be search results with a for ä, or single s for ß. That would be wrong.
  • So, would utf8mb4_unicode_ci the best for my board?
  • Can I just create the database with that or will I run into errors or faulty behaviour?
  • Will the import from vBulletin (collation latin1_german_ci) with "force characterset" utf8 work coorectly, as importing into utf8_general_ci in my tests?
Thank you for any hint about this!

Chris D

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This is not something you need to worry about. XF will always choose the correct collation for you when it creates its tables, regardless of what the default is for the database. For XF 1.5 it will use utf8_general_ci.