XF 1.5 Where to edit signature in Xenforo 1.5.12?


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It was just pointed out to me by one of our members that there doesn't seem to be any place to edit (or add) a forum signature after the latest update to 1.5.12.

Where is this located?

Added: Permission to have a signature and to edit it is enabled for all groups.
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On this forum it's here: https://xenforo.com/community/account/signature

So you would append account/signature to whatever your forum URL is.

If members receive a no permission error when accessing the page, that would suggest permissions are wrong.
In addition to the edit permission, ensure the minimum character count is greater than 0.


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As noted above, all usergroups have permissions to edit signature enabled.

When I manually enter that url I get this:


I see these options from account or clicking on my own member name (I am an admin):




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Thank you for that link.

Coming from vBulletin, I was indeed misinterpreting the hierarchical/cumulative permissions structure in Xenforo. That meant effectively that I was inadvertently denying certain permissions to admins and moderators because they weren't also in the registered users group.

Fixed and working now. :)