XF 1.4 where is the phrase "your_name" used ?


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I have changed the wording for the phrase "your_name_or_email_address" from:

"Your name or email address"


"Your Username or E-mail Address"

Now I see there is another phrase which is "your_name"
Where is this phrase used in XenForo ? I could not find this in the User-Account or anywhere else.
Is this also the "Username" or is it some different kind of name ?

If it is also the "Username", I would like to change it as well.

Many thanks!


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Many thanks!

the phrase "your_name" is only used at the "Contact Us"-form.
So it is fine and I will not change this towards "Username".

Thanks again!


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If you want to be even more specific with the search term, you can use {xen:phrase your_name}.

That will only return templates which use that exact phrase.