Where is Color Palette configured?


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I'm working on an addon that interacts with the color palette but i can't figure out where color palettes settings are stored. I searched CSS and the database and neither show the data i need.

Specifically i mean the following:
  • @pageBackground
  • @contentBackground
  • @textCtrlBackground
  • @contentText
  • @textCtrlText
  • @dimmedTextColor
  • @mutedTextColor
  • @faintTextColor
  • @tooltipBackground
  • @inlineMod
  • @primaryDarker
  • @primaryDark
  • @primaryMedium
  • @primaryLightish
  • @primaryLight
  • @primaryLighter
  • @primaryLighterStill
  • @primaryLightest
Anyone have an idea where to look? Thanks in advance.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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They are stored in the database:
SELECT * FROM xf_style_property_definition WHERE group_name = 'color'