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Where is advSearchLink used?


Well-known member
I'm trying to figure out where class advSearchLink is used. It is mentioned in xenforo_popup.css and forum_view_legacy_controls.html templates and that's all. It doesn't seem to be used in any php files.

Does anyone know where forum_view_legacy_controls template is used or is it a leftover from old beta or something like that?


yes seems so

it's used in template forum_view but it's commented out
<div class="pageNavLinkGroup">
    <div class="linkGroup SelectionCountContainer">
        <xen:comment><xen:include template="forum_view_legacy_controls" /></xen:comment>
    <xen:pagenav link="forums" linkdata="{$forum}" linkparams="{$pageNavParams}" page="{$page}" perpage="{$threadsPerPage}" total="{$totalThreads}" />