XF 2.2 xf:if variables to identify routes and pages


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I've got a couple of pages that aren't behaving correctly such as the home page and a route that serves as the home page for an addon that isn't displaying the selected indicator in the navigation. I'm hoping to make some modifications on those pages and usually used php but that's definitely not the best way to go about it. I see that there are several xf:if variables in the developer docs but don't see one for pages or page templates. I do see one for a page 'title' but that's not ideal. Might anyone have an idea of the best way to accomplish this or a list of variables available for use or point me to a page that I may have missed? Thank you.
Putting this in the template is a great suggestion.

{{ dump($xf) }}

I didn't find syntax for XF 2.x but followed what's in templates to get it to work for at least the home page but the method I used may not be ideal (uri).
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