XF 2.1 Where can you manage the 'About You' profile field?


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Where can I find settings for the 'About You' profile field? It's not a custom user field.
How can I set this to be a required registration field?
There is nothing built in that allows this to be set as a required field. I don't think there are really any options surrounding the field specifically.
We had this as a required field for XF1. I want the same for XF2. What would you consider the best way forward?
Copy the content of the field to a new field and then display this on registration? Is it possible to then get rid of the stock 'about you' field?
In terms of the stock field, I don't believe there was anyway to get that on the registration form, so I'm not sure if you had an add-on to do that.

Moving it to a custom field could be an option, though there isn't anything built in to turn just that field off -- it's controlled by general profile editing permissions only. Roughly speaking, it could be hidden via template edits though (account_details for the editor, member_about for how it's displayed on the profile).
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