Where can I find information about the Gallery?


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There is a high level help manual entry but essentially you can try it out here: Media

Or create an online demo and test if for yourself (once it has been added later).

Chris D

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This is also from the "Details" page when browsing products/extras:

XenForo Media Gallery - $60 (extension $15)
The Media Gallery is an official XenForo add-on that allows you and your users to create galleries of images and videos, integrated into your forum. Media may be added to admin-created categories or users may create their own albums with full privacy controls.

Media can be interacted with through likes, ratings and comments. Users can even tag other users in their images. Media can easily be shared or embedded into posts with a custom BB code. Further customization of media can be done through a tagging system and custom fields.

The Media Gallery is fully integrated into XenForo, including full permission control, moderator logging, manual approval, inline moderation, reporting, recent activity and a fully responsive design.
You must have be running XenForo 1.3.0 or newer to use this add-on.

Access to Media Gallery updates and support is included as long as your XenForo license is current for support and updates. When extending your XenForo license, the cost of add-on extensions will be automatically added to the base cost.