When's it being released?

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Yes, yes, I know... "they will release it when it's ready for release" ¬¬

But I'm curious:

When's it being released?
The sooner the better really, but we expect it to be out by the end of summer.

End of summer of UK or US? If UK, what month is the end of summer? Also, what is expected to be released at that date, the final version or the first Beta?

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Of course you're curious... We're all curious. But it's simply not a question you can get an answer to at this point. Mike and Kier are old hands at this business, and anyone that's been in it for any length of time knows to never provide a release date until you know for absolute certain that you will be done then. And given the fundamental nature of bugs (I.E. unexpected problems), that's impossible to know until you are done.

The "When it's Ready" answer really isn't a platitude, it's simply the only practical answer. Anything else could end up being a lie, and I think Kier and Mike have too much respect for their own reputation and their customer's goodwill to run that risk.

The actual release date is going to depend largely on bug hunting in the Beta phase, the more bug free the Beta, the faster we get an RC and Gold release. It's a pay me now or pay me later situation, the bugs have to be found and squashed before it can ship. So if you want it faster, get out there and start hunting bugs! :)

Totally empathize with you though... I want a copy ASAP too ;)
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