XF 1.5 Birthday trophy: Why isn't it being awarded every year?


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I've had a few members contact me about this recently and it seems they've had a birthday trophy in the past, but when the anniversary of their birthday comes around again they don't get another birthday trohpy.

None of them have changed their D.O.B. in their profiles, so what's happening? Anyone know what I need to look at (there is only the one tick-box for birthday in the trophy settings, so I don't think I'm missing anything, but I could be ;))?

Shaun :D


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You can create several trophies for birthdays and set the condition "User has been registered for at least X days:" to 0, 365, 735, 1095 and so on.... it might not work exactly as you expect but it's something.


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This can't work because the registration date is different for the most of the users. And so is the time between registration and birthday.
How should that fit different user?