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Copy a style without it being a child of the original

Neil E.

Active member
Create new style (no parent) creates a new style that is a copy of the master style.

Create new style (with parent) creates a new style that is a copy of the parent.
This makes the new style a child of the parent.

I want to copy a style, but have it in the regular list as an equal, not a child. This means I start out with the styling I initially created, and then can expand on it using experimental stuff. If it goes well enough, I might make it my final style.

How is this done (copy as an equal)?

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
Child styles inherit changes made to the parent. There is no option to "flatten" a child style to make it self-contained. Children are always dependent on the parent. If you download a child style it will only save changes in the child, not changes in the parent.

Neil E.

Active member
Is there any way to have two identical styles which are parents? One acts as a reference (left as is), the other is for experimenting?

Export current style / copy and rename / import as new style?


Well-known member
Just export the current style and re-import it at the same level.

-| Master Style
--| My Style

Export 'My Style', reimport:
-| Master Style
--| My Style
--| My Style 2