When will xenforo get a refreshed design?


Hello, I'm thinking about buying a license, but the appearance of the xenoforo forum leaves much to be desired ... it just looks old. Are there any plans to refresh the look according to the latest UI/UX standards?


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As for appearance... that's easily styled, either using the base default style or free/paid styles.
Yeah, I have seen some pretty amazing work done with styling and customization to the point where you could barely tell it was Xenforo anymore. IOW, @eveneme, you can't really judge the design based on just this site. The ability to customize the look and feel in Xenforo is quite powerful and flexible in the right hands and/or with a good template framework from one of the third-party designers. Decide how you want your site to look and then once you have a license, you can post in the forums for advice on how to do it or to find someone to work on it.


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Uh oh, better double check that @Kier 's profile hasn't been hacked because we can't handle this much excitement and revolutionary design in one version.

Thank you @Kier and the Xenforo team for their relentless drive towards innovation and excellence.
Is it possible to leave the old style in place, so we can still use it? Perhaps it could be a setting or some kind of selection. One of the things that drew me to Xenforo is it's beautiful design. Some of us disagree with the OP and would like to keep the way it looks currently.

I'd second that. Love the way XenForo's default style looks.


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We don’t know what any new style changes look like yet, so let’s not worry about ‘reverting’.

Yes but until there's some revolutionary change in the way computer monitors function, there's only so many styles and designs for a web page. Being a forum narrows it down even further. And many of the things that you could do, are just plain bad ideas and have a poor aesthetic. Which would drive users away.

So if you have something that looks nice and works well, why change it? If this looked very similar to vbulletin circa 2002, I'd agree with the OP. But as it stands, it could be from 2013 and I don't think the average user would notice.


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I would say that xenforo style Isn’t that much important as new core features. Want a nice design, you can check all styles made by third party web designers and developers .

Example @Russ @ThemeHouse @DohTheme (From my personal experience)
Yeah, I could see using default if I was doing a quick startup but would want my own "brand" for anything longterm, which is where styles and designers come in.