XF 2.2 When to import?


I am moving a vBulletin 4 site to Xenforo. I am looking for some clarification on when to do the import.

I did a test run (and didn't save the empty dB before I did so now I get to do everything over). The import went smoothly without any hiccups.

I understand setting up the new forum, installing the addons & styles. With this particular move, we will manually move the vBulletin articles and Coppermine media by doing a 'cut & paste" There aren't that many to justify the use of a paid conversion.

Can these 'cut/paste' or media uploads be done before the import without breaking anything, or should they be saved till after? I don't really understand the mechanics of the import and don't want to screw things up.


If you want to retain IDs you will need to do the import first, then add any content after.

There should be no content at all (members, forums, threads, posts, etc.) in the XF DB if IDs are to be retained.
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