When creating the default administrator account, how will it affect imported admin accounts?


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One question I've been meaning to ask is how the import will deal with the administrator account which is created on a new installation and imported members from another database?

If an existing forum already has an account called Administrator and it is user id 1, what will happen during the import?
Both with the account name and the user id number?

Can a dummy administrator account be created when installing XenForo which is then deleted afterwards?

Or will it be overwritten?


I believe you can auto merge them as an option, or skip that and if there are conflicting names you get prompted to rename them optionally.


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You have the option to merge conflicts when you import (such as a conflict on name or email address). If you don't merge, you have to make changes so they don't conflict. After the import, you can always delete the temporary admin.

Note that IDs are not maintained in the import. (That is not a goal and doing so prevents other things.)


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Thanks, that answers that question then.

With regards to the IDs Mike, are you saying that if an existing forum for example has accounts with IDs numbered 7, 11, 15, 25 that after import they will just be sequentially numbered starting from 1 (or 2 due to the default admin account)?

My own forum for example my user id is 2 and then the next id is 118, due to a load of spam and other accounts which were deleted.
So my account ID will become 1 if I merge my account with the Admin account and account ID 118 will become account 2?


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That's good, because due to a "clerical error" when going from Ikonboard to vB many years ago, my user IDs start at 698! :)


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At the end of the day the unique id doesn't matter, just that it is unique :)
But I like being #1; let's em' know whose boss! :cool:

Great to hear the importer won't cause crazy conflicts though. After toying around a bit that's one of the first things I'm going to do, try out the 3.8 importer.