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When a user clicks on image in post

Discussion in 'Media Gallery Suggestions' started by Tower, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. Tower

    Tower Active Member

    Hi guys,
    So I dont know if this is possible, but instead of redirecting a user to the image in the gallery, it would be cool if there was an ability to select light box. So when the user clicks on it, it pops up in a larger image. Is this possible?
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  2. adonismale

    adonismale Active Member

    I passionately support this request. I think this request speaks to a deeper and more fundamental understanding of the interaction between viewers and galleries: the photos are object d'arts, so the presentation of the photos should be front and center. The quicker and cleaner you can present the full-scale photo to the viewers with no other interruptions (whether they be clicks and page refreshes or photo data that pushes the photo off center), the happier off the viewers will be.

    All that other stuff ... EXIF data, likes, sharing code, tags, view count, comment count, date uploaded, uploaded by, views, comments, ratings, more media ... are ancillary. Although useful, they muddle the initial desire to focus upon the photo itself.

    Presenting the lightbox first, and then the image page afterwards, would allow the image to be fully and immediately enjoyed while still offering the option to follow up with the ancillary data. But the ancillary data is not on the same level, nor should they be presented with the same weight, as the photo itself.
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  3. sinucello

    sinucello Well-Known Member

  4. erich37

    erich37 Well-Known Member

    clicking an image should ideally open an "overlay".
    Which will make it faster for the user to browse images and also to close that overlay again in order to view other images.

    exactly the same as when you click onto a photo here:


    Agree with that.

    There is just too much data and too many icons which are hitting you "in the face" and destroy the intire view of the photos.

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  5. viper357

    viper357 Active Member

    Bumping this suggestion. Please like the 1st post.

    If someone posts 10 images in a message and you click on the 1st photo and then get taken to the gallery is not ideal, you should be able to stay on the thread to see the rest of the photo's.

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