XF 1.5 when a post is deleted, how to leave a deletion tag and reason for all to see?


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Hi, title pretty much says it all. Currently our deleted posts vanish and this irks the more conspiracy minded. Is there a setting to leave a public deletion stub for all eyes? Thanks
No, that's not possible.

There may be an add-on but I'm not sure.

In terms of keeping the author informed as to why their post was deleted you can send them an alert. We have found this to be very effective.
What happens on a busy thread is that when 20 posts vanish, it leaves people confused about the discussion as it can seem disjointed after that. The flags also help there. Will hunt for an addon..
Not in my experience. If I'm in a thread and a load of posts vanish, it's patently clear what's happened. Usually the context of the posts makes that even clearer. We generally found the confusion came from the authors of those posts, hence why the author alert system was added.
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