XF 1.4 When a post is deleted the user still gets alerts?


Formerly mugtree
If admin deletes a post in a thread, that user still gets email alerts when there are replies to the thread right? If so, why is that.



XenForo moderator
Staff member
If they are watching the thread, yes they will receive alerts for new posts in the thread.

Deleting posts from a thread doesn't change the watched thread status.


Formerly mugtree
Thanks Brogan.

When a user posts do they automatically watch the thread?

This has happened in this case on our forum.

When I test... I (user) posts, I (admin) delete post, user is watching thread. I (user) never clicked to watch the thread.


Formerly mugtree
Right ok, this is interesting. This test account i set up was out the box and I changed nothing. So by default does XF have these settings or is this custom to our forum?