What's your setup to stimulate quality activity?

Would be interesting if everyone shares his setup (configuration, add-ons, whatever) that he made to stimulate quality activity.
Something that made people post more but post quality stuff, not just to bump their post count and get the next rank or something.

Also please share how did it work out for you.
I would also like to hear about setups, there seems to be lots of plugins and a lot of the good ones are paid, so you need to really know what your whole setup is going to be so you can make everything sing to the same tune.


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This obviously depends on your audience. In the case of my sites, there is no add-on which stimulates quality activity - that is, the forum users have enough reasons to read or to take part.

If your forum has a very young audience, you may be able to stimulate them with contests, etc.....but it's rarely quality content.

People tend to post when they feel they can help others (if your forum is informational)....that can be quality content. But if your forum is about hiphop, they are likely to just post opinions or their favorite tunes, etc.

So "quality" differs and what each forum needs differs. Maybe a music forum could benefit with the Media add-ons while a photog site with a better gallery. Only you (the forum admin and founder) know about your forum and it's needs.


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No addon is going to stimulate quality activity for you. You are having trouble understanding this. Quality content i.e. discussion is the only thing that will stimulate quality content. Do you seriously think that if you made a configuration change or an addon on a forum, it will stimulate quality content? Seriously?
Who said FORCE? There are addons that could stimulate that yes! Like getting stuff based on the likes your post receive just as an simple example.
Stop being stupid and ignorant!


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If you want my two cents, I'd say look at what your genre is for your forum, and then look at what your members respond to. Even if you have 10 members, let's say, for argument sake, look and see what the most active ones are doing. Then get an addon to cater to them. If they like discussing items, parts, pictures, etc, a gallery would obviously be a good idea. Help them get familiar with it, and make sure they KNOW it's available. Then lead by example.

Continue in that way until you figure out what they like, make sure they're integrated with it, whether it be quickly or slowly, such as giving them permission only to view galleries in the above example, and then go from there. Eventually you could give them the rights to make their own gallery. That'll obviously drive interest in your forum and people will push for quality because they enjoy whatever addon you're giving them.

News type addons are always a nice basic feature (such as the Library by Waindigo) or the Social Groups addon. Those both can be a nice starting point that COULD potentially raise the quality of your member's posts and content.

Not saying it will, it just might. :) HTH
Spammy posts don't get likes silly.
Now if it was rewards or ranks based on just posts, that's something one can easily manipulate himself.
If the other people are the judges, it's easier to just provide quality.

That's why I'm asking for such smart addons or setups, unfortunately the people here don't really see it.
I'm not asking for miracle addon that makes your members post lots of great stuff overnight, just for something that gives some extra initiative.
How is that so hard to understand?
Uh, people.